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When ending your employment with The Home Depot, numerous details of personal business require your attention. This checklist will help you find helpful information and support resources, as well as help you work through important personal business.
Final Pay:
  • Your final pay (including vacation pay if applicable) will be available at your work location on your next regularly scheduled pay day unless earlier payment is required by state law. Salaried associates must request that their manager or HR Manager submit their vacation balance for payment.
  • ESPP refunds, if applicable, will be mailed to your address of record within 30 days after your termination
  • Vested stock options must be exercised within 90 days. Visit Merrill Lynch’s web site to manage your stock options
  • Health Benefit coverage ends on midnight on the last day in the pay period that your employment ends. You may be eligible to continue certain coverage under COBRA. If so, a COBRA package will be sent to your home within 30 days after your termination.
  • You are no longer eligible for tuition reimbursement, even if the course was completed and paperwork submitted while you were an active associate.
If you move after your termination…
  • Contact the HR Service Center at 1-866-myTHDHR (1-866-698-4347) to update your address so that your W-2 can be delivered to you.