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​Wage Garnishment Portal
The Wage Garnishment Portal provides information regarding payment deductions resulting from agency and court orders. Information you will need to access the Wage Garnishment Portal:
  • Employer Identifier (HDT1)
  • Associate ID
  • Case ID
  • Captcha code
Click here to access the Wage Garnishment Portal.
Click here to view the Wage Garnishment Brochure.
  • This Wage Garnishment Brochure is different from the brochure provided under Helpful Links within the Wage Garnishment Portal, which is for all companies and is not Home Depot specific.
  For additional information or for orders processed prior to September 18, 2015:
  • Associates/custodial parents should call 1-866-218-9309
  • Third parties should call 1-800-823-6731