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​Employment Verification
The Work Number, a service of Equifax Workforce Solutions, provides wage and Employment Verifications. Individuals needing to verify your employment can utilize the online web site ( or call 1-800-367-2884.
Information you will need to access The Work Number:
  •     The Home Depot Company code is 87843
  •     Your six digit pin# is the last four digits of your SSN and the last 2 digits of your birth year.
    • New users will have 30 days to use the default PIN and create a personalized PIN
    • If a  personalized PIN is not created within the 30-day window, the user’s account will be locked and they will need to re-authenticate to gain access to their account.
    • Inactive users, anyone who has not logged into the application for more than 495 days, will have their account locked on day 496. They will need to re-authenticate to gain access to their account.
If the individual verifying your employment also needs salary information - you will need to create a Salary Key. Information on how to create a Salary Key is provided by both the web site and the phone system.
Click here to access The Work Number and follow the link 'Enter Employee Section'.