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​Matching Gift Program
The Home Depot Foundation is pleased to offer an improved Matching Gift Program for Home Depot associates. This program allows associates to tap into Foundation resources in order to match their individual gifts to the charities that reflect their personal interests.
The Foundation will match eligible individual associate gifts ranging from $25 to $3,000 per charity, per calendar year on dollar-for-dollar basis for part-time and full-time associates. There is a $3,000 cap per associate each calendar year. The organization to which the gift is being made must be a U.S. 501(c)(3) or Revenue Canada designated charity.
Gifts may be registered for a match using either of the following methods:
  •     Register the gift on the web site at, or
  •     Register the gift by phone at 1-855-384-2982 (U.S. associates only)
Associates can also track the status of their donations using either of the methods listed above.
All gifts will be confirmed prior to matching. Matching gift checks will be distributed to eligible organizations on a monthly basis. We are unable to make exceptions to this check disbursement schedule.
Gifts must be registered for a match by January 31 of the year following the year in which the gift was made. For example, gifts made in April and December of 2019 must be registered by January 31, 2020 in order to be eligible for a match.
Matching Gifts may be used to match contributions to an organization for which an associate is participating in an event (such as a run, walk or ride). However, Foundation matching funds may not be used to satisfy pledges or to match pooled or raised dollars. ​For example:
Situation​ Eligible for Matching Gift​
​Associate raises $315 from friends and family members to sponsor him/her in a 5K run for a charitable purpose. Ineligible, dollars raised may not be pooled for the purpose of matching. The associate may only match his/her contribution between the amounts of $25 and $3,000. ​
​Associate contributes $100 to a charitable organization for which he/she is walking in a 10K. ​Eligible, the matching gift program may be used to match individual gifts between $25 and $3,000.
Associate contributes $25 to a charitable organization for which another associate or acquaintance is walking in a 5K.​ Eligible, the matching gift program may be used to match individual gifts between $25 and $3,000. ​

For more information and program details, please visit or e-mail